now this is a page that explains shit from my early years (3-11)

one of the oddest things that ever happened, is the one time i had a dream where this thing was just acting like my parents, with their voices and everything. but it wasnt my parents... and plus this was like a lucid dream just to add to that. anyway, they were acting like my parents, and then they were calling my name saying things like "foods ready *input my name here* ill be using that kind of input for an example. and then when i walked in there to get my so called "food" they would chase me into my parents room. the odd thing is when i woke up, instead of waking up in my own bed, i woke up in my parents bed. kinda off.. and this was like when i was 3 and i briefly remember it.

now when i was a kid, i was building a diamond house, in minecraft.. not irl. (obviously) then i saw herobrine :OOO

i just added that as a joke and just as a funny skit.. its so comedic